Taipei District Public Prosecutors Office
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  1. In respond to the book “Memoir on Eight years of Governance” published on December 20, in which former president Ma Ying-jeou’s mentioned that he was investigated unfairly and gone on pursuing overwhelming by Taipei District Prosecutors Office(TDPO) as well as referred that TDPO served for a particular political party and so on, revealing some contents in press, our office solemnly clarifies as follows(PDF)

  2. Largest Phantom Population within TTDPO Jurisdiction Busted: 130 Police Officers Dispatched, 31 of 34 Defendants Bailed(PDF)

  3. Corruption Investigation against Lin, Ma, Yen, Ho, Zheng, Wu, Yang, Kao, Chi and Chen, Officers of First Zhongshan Police Station, Zhongshan Pricinct of Taipei Police Department Concluded on July 12th 2018(PDF)

  4. Performance of Taipei District Prosecutors Office for election law enforcement has reached historical high: 362 subpoenaed, 9 detained, 65 in bail, NTD 2.31 million seized, 8 invalid elections civil actions initiated(PDF)

  5. A clarification to the media report today(Oct.31) regarding former president Ma’s questioning the "recorded translation is out of context" and "the prosecutor violated the objective obligation of handling the case"(PDF)

  6. In response to Mr. ex-president Ma’s statement regarding the indictment over “the sale of KMT’s assets”(PDF)

  7. In response to the misleading statements former president Mr. Ma Ying-jeou made in today’s KMT Party regular meeting, Taipei District Prosecutors Office (we or the Office) clarifies as following:(PDF)

  8. The investigation of the case(case number:106 TA 12916) over the volation of prosecutorial secrecy has been finalized. The chief prosecutor of Taiwan Taipei District Prosecutors Office, Mr. Shing Tai-Chao, and the head prosecutor, Mr. Wang Hsing-Chien were alleged by the former president Ma Ying-Jeon to have leaked the confidential information after the interrogation of Mr. Ma on the sale of KMT assets at November 29, 2017. Here are some takeaways from the leakgae case results.(PDF)

  9. The investigation over sale of KMT assets has been finalized today and the conclusions are as follows(PDF)

  10. In response to media report of “TDPO re-summon Mr. ex-president Ma.”(PDF)

  11. Taipei District Prosecutors Office Unveils the New Sign and inaugurates the Third Office and the Digital Forensic Lab(PDF)

  12. Regarding the China Times report dated March 9th 2018 that “The attorney retained by LEE Sush-Der casted doubt on the prosecution’s concealing related facts of the Big Dome Case,” the misleading statement made by LEE’s defense attorney was obviously inconsistent with the fact. The Taipei District Prosecutors Office hereby clarifies as follows(PDF)

  13. Chen Chang-wen, a lawyer who continuously published the articles on Opinion Square in China Times, said: "It is time for the Special Investigation Division to resume." ....the Taipei District Prosecutors Office has to clarify in order to ensure a correct understanding of the facts(PDF)

  14. Today, Mr. Ma Ying-jeou comes to the Taipei District Prosecutors Office complaining and our media have reported "Ma Ying-jeou's involvement in felony crimes involving more than seven years" and "mastering key recordings of Ma Ying-jeou's party-led transactions under the Taipei District Prosecutors Office". This Office clarifies the following(PDF)

  15. SinoPac Holdings’ Chairman Ho and his compliances indicted in violation of the Securities and Exchange Act and the Financial Holding Act(PDF)