Taipei District Public Prosecutors Office


Chief Prosecutor Yang Jyh-Yeu
Education Background

◆Bachelor of Laws, Department of Law, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei, Taiwan

◆Completed studies and certified at Judges and Prosecutors Training Institute of Ministry of Justice; the 21th Class

Work Experience
◆Prosecutor of Yunlin prosecutors Office, Taiwan
◆Prosecutor of Chiayi Prosecutors Office, Taiwan
◆Head Prosecutor of Tainan Prosecutors Office, Taiwan
◆Deputy Chief Prosecutor of Tainan District Prosecutors Office, Taiwan
◆Deputy Chief Prosecutor of Taipei District Prosecutors Office, Taiwan
◆Chief Prosecutor of Nantou District Prosecutors Office, Taiwan
◆Director, Department of Prosecutorial Affairs, Ministry of Justice
◆Prosecutor of Taiwan High Prosecutors Office, Tainan Branch
◆Chief Prosecutor of Tainan District Prosecutors Office, Taiwan

A Message from the Chief Prosecutor

The goal of the prosecutorial organizations conducting investigations, prosecuting criminals and executing punishment in the name of the state is to create an equitable, just, free-from-fear, harmonious and happy society for the people. Therefore, members of the office will be committed to the following work goals:

◆To keep a humble, sincere and proactive attitude to enforce the law to the fullest and crack down on crime.

◆To deepen and broaden the scope of the judicial protective services.

◆To build a just, high-quality, efficient judiciary.

◆To understand what the people need and try to serve them.

◆To cooperate with relevant units through informative means to promote the public’s humanist quality of the law.

The office welcomes suggestions and complaints.

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