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Ethics Affairs

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  • Last updated:2024-03-01
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Ethics Affairs 1. Propagate ethic education Propagate office ethics related regulations in working meetings, implement ethics regulations, explain corruption cases, and praise good ethics examples, to alert office employee to obey laws, and to uphold the office image. 2. Prevent and discover corruption Based on prevention is more important than investigate crimes, the ethics office promulgates “preventive measures against corruption”. The ethics office then track the execution of abovementioned measures, analyze corruption cases, and make improvement plans. The ethics office also investigates abnormal proceedings and personnel, checks and examines risky affairs, investigates civilian report cases and media disclosed cases relating to our office’s wrongdoings, and investigates cases assigned by Chief Prosecutor. With regard to report cases, the ethics office set up a special mailbox (Taipei Post Office No.14-128 mailbox) and a reserved phone line (02-23614618) to encourage report from civilian or office employee. A report case will be carefully investigated pursuant to “Award and Protect Reported Corruption Guideline”. A special email account, formosa@mail.moj.gov.tw, is also set up for corruption report via internet. 3. Manage civil servants property yearly report Pursuant to” Act on Property-Declaration by Public Servants”, the ethics office is responsible for reviewing and inspecting of materials of property-declaration by public servants. 4. Protect official confidential information Propagate the necessity to protect official confidential information in official meetings, promote confidential office environment, and prevent illegal disclosure of office confidential information. Prompt investigation will be undertaken for an illegal disclosure case. 5. Safeguard office safety To safeguard office safety, the ethics office has promulgated multiple maintenance plans to prevent events that damage or sabotage our office. The ethics office also assists for petition cases to avoid impact office safety. The ethics office executes “Chie Prosecutor Protection Agenda” and “Judicial Servants Protection Agenda” to safeguard the safety of judicial servants.
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