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The main task of our office is to investigate crimes and enforce criminal courts’ final decisions.  In recent years, the case load of our office has been increased, however, all members of our office are working hard to fulfill work requirement under instructions of higher level offices.  They especially work hard on cases of corruption, gangsters, drugs, bribery, felony, children and juvenile sexual transactions, intellectual property crimes, economic crimes, and computer and internet crimes, in order to correct political practice, to improve civil service’s quality, to clarify election custom, to lay a solid foundation for democracy, to ease the damage of misuse of drugs, and to secure human life, freedom and property.  Our office also upholds the principle of pardon misdemeanor.   Therefore ,we provide litigation counseling to decrease disputes; we scrutinize the application of detention to protect human rights; we reinforce probation services to help wrongdoers to reinstate their lives; and we provide friendly services to enhance people’s trust in prosecution service.


   Educational training of public prosecutors.
                                    Educational training of public prosecutors. 


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