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Execution Duties

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  • Last updated:2024-03-01
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Execution Duties.

Whether criminal could be thoroughly fulfilled or whether punishment could be delivered requires more than an accurate verdict; the proper execution of such verdict is another important part of justice. The Taipei District Public Prosecutors Office sees to problems accrued by the swift pass of verdicts, thereby exercising the government’s right to punish crime and upholding the authority of the justice system. In order to have a fair justification, execution of criminal verdicts that are commutable to fines can be paid in installments. Especially the shortterm incarceration that can be commutable to fines are usually given lenient definition, lenient payment terms are also offered for the payment of fines, hence offenders may opt for the installment payment terms. 

Conducting enforcemect cases. Exhibit of performances of conducting criminal enforcement affairs.
                    Conducting enforcemect cases.                                         Exhibit of performances of conducting 
                                                                                                           criminal enforcement  affairs.



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