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01 Taipei District Prosecutor Office (TDPO) has established a “Military and National Security Investigation Contact Platform” which enforces the coordination and communication with military institutions, maintains military capability, and ensures national security. 2024-01-23
02 The Taipei District Prosecutors Office has concluded its investigation into the case involving the defendant surnamed Zhou and others for violations of the Presidential and Vice Presidential Election and Recall Act. Indictments were filed today (29th). 2023-12-29
03 Investigating foreign election interference, Taipei District Prosecutors Office has summoned 18 members of certain friendship society and detained 2 of its executives. 2023-12-28
04 The Taipei District Prosecutors Office (TDPO) held a press conference on the fight against election bribery. 2023-12-01
05 The investigation into the defendant Lu and 9 others violating the National Security Act case by Taipei District Prosecutors Office(TDPO) is concluded today. The Outlines are as follows. 2023-11-27
06 Enforce prosecuting election bribery and violence, maintain election fairness. The Chief Prosecutor of TDPO Mr. Cheng, Ming-Chian leads the prosecuting team visit every precinct of Taipei City Police Department in TDPO’s jurisdiction, exchange opinions with front-line police officers. 2023-09-21
07 Regarding the Kee Tai Dazhi construction sinking damaged neighboring buildings case, the Taipei district prosecutors’ office has opened an investigation and assigned prosecutors to investigate. 2023-09-09
08 On August 29, 2023, Taipei District Prosecutors Office has officially announced the im. B platform case has been ended. The prosecutor indicted 31 individuals, including the defendant Zeng(曾○鋒), on charges related to alleged financial misconduct. The charges pertain to their suspected involvement in raising funds by disseminating false information through the im.B platform, specifically in connection with real estate claims and promissory notes. These actions are alleged to be in violation of banking laws. 2023-08-30
09 The investigation conducted by Pei-Shan Tsai of the Taipei District Prosecutors Office (TDPO) on Defendant Zeng and the others suspected for illegal deposit fundraising activities(the im. B platform case) has been ended, as briefly stated below: 2023-08-29
10 Taipei District Prosecutors Office investigates the case of Zhao O Company's illegal sale of overseas funds 2023-08-29
11 The head prosecutor of the Taiwan Taipei District Prosecutors Office Chen Shu-Yi, along with prosecutors Lin Shao-Yi, Yan Bo-Rong, and Guo Geng-Cheng, collectively directed the Taoyuan City Investigation Office of the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau and prosecutor investigators in the investigation of defendant Zhang-○Ming(張○明) and others suspected of corruption under the Anti-Corruption Act. The investigation has concluded, and a brief summary is as follows: 2023-08-28
12 Taipei District Prosecutors Office has indicted former legislator Kao Hung-An and 4 others on corruption charges. 2023-08-14
13 The Taipei District Prosecutors Office received ill-gotten gains related to the Lafayette Frigate Affair transferred from Switzerland on July 11th, totaling over US$138.04 million (approximately NT$4.3 billion). This marks another successful recovery of overseas ill-gotten gains, following the previous transfer of over US$11 million (approximately NT$330 million) from Liechtenstein on February 2nd, associated with the late arms trader Andrew Wang's family. 2023-07-19
14 Taipei District Prosecutors Office convened "2024 Presidential and Legislative Elections Preliminary Strategy Meeting" and "Preventing Foreign Forces from Interfering in the Election and Combating Election (Online) Gambling Contact Platform Meeting". To gather team consensus and to maintain election fairness. 2023-07-12
15 Taipei District Prosecutors Office entrusted the Shilin Branch, Administrative Enforcement Agency, Ministry of Justice auction 2023-06-09
16 Successfully recovered the Wang, ○ Pu family's illegal gains in Liechtenstein across the country! More than 300 million NT$ has been remitted to Taipei District Prosecutors Office today 2023-05-15
17 Taipei District Prosecutors Office investigates a fraud case involving an online lending matchmaking platform 2023-05-04
18 About media reported yesterday (7) that "nearly 70 vaccine fraud cases! Tsai Ing-wen and Chen Shih-chung were listed as murder defendants, and the Criminal Profiteering Crimes team of Taipei District Prosecutors Office is investigating." Taipei District Prosecutors Office (TDPO) clarified as follows: 2023-04-08
19 Taipei District Prosecutors Office held a sale during investigation Entrusted Taipei Branch of Administrative Enforcement Agency to conduct a sale of 2 seized vehicles Successfully sold at NT$1.72 million and NT$1.76 million respectively 2023-02-24
20 About media reports: The Communist Party espionage case was appealed by the Prosecutor of Taipei District Prosecutors Office , and it was suspected that the superior directed the case handling. The Department clarifies as follows: 2023-02-04
21 Taipei District Prosecutors Office 2022 Judicial Volunteer Training Event and Thanksgiving Tea Party for Appreciating the Old and Welcome the New 2022-12-28
22 Taipei District Prosecutors Office held the second inspection meeting for the vacant by-election of Legislative Councilors in Taipei City. The police investigation style will strictly abide by administrative neutrality, uphold a fair law enforcement attitude, and maintain election fairness 2022-12-27
23 Regarding today’s (19) media report quoting the statement made by the defendant in the case of trespassing on the top floor of the Prosecutors Office and hanging the flag, the response is as follows: 2022-12-19
24 In the case of trespassing on the top floor of Taipei District Prosecutors Office and hanging a flag on December 16, the accused has already appeared in the case and has been interrogated by the prosecutor 2022-12-19
25 Taipei District Prosecutors Office investigated and handled the case where the defendant surnamed Gao was suspected of falsely reporting assistant fees. Yesterday (15) morning, the Chief Prosecutor first notified the Secretary-General of Legislative Yuan by phone, and asked him to report to President You, and then the staff of Legislative Yuan led the executives to the office of the defendant Gao to conduct a search. There was no prior letter from the Prosecutors Office for Legislative Yuan to agree the search, which is hereby clarified. 2022-12-16
26 Regarding the media report on "Gao Hong-an was released on bail! Taipei District Prosecutors Office raised the flag of the Democratic Progressive Party", the Prosecutors Office responded as follows: 2022-12-16
27 Taipei District Prosecutors Office held an investigation meeting for the by-election of the Legislative Council vacancy in Taipei City 2022-12-12
28 Taiwan Taipei District Prosecutors Office held the anti-bribery campaign of "Rehabilitation Send Warmth, Love in the Cat Cable, Shamrock Market" and "Striving to Investigate Bribery" 2022-11-25
29 Shihlin Branch, Administrative Enforcement Agency, Ministry of Justice conducted the auction of the detained vehicle for the first time during the investigation at the Taiwan Taipei District Prosecutors Office 's request 2022-11-25
30 Taiwan Taipei District Prosecutors Office investigates fraud cases strictly and expeditiously to safeguard the safety of people's lives, bodies and property, and calls on the public to be vigilant when applying for jobs online 2022-11-25
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