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Historical Background

“The Taipei District Court Prosecutors’ Bureau” of the Japanese occupation time was the forerunner of the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office. Following the restoration of Taiwan to the Republic of China (hereinafter, the ROC), the ROC government appointed the first lead prosecutor, Mr. Chaing WeiChu, to assume leadership of the bureau on November 1, 1945. Meanwhile, the bureau was renamed as The Taiwan Taipei District Court Prosecutors’ Department. Later on December 24, 1989, in line with the amendment of the Court Organization Law, the department was renamed again as “The Taiwan Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office (hereinafter, the office)”. The title of the head of the department was also amended from Lead Prosecutor to the Chief Prosecutor.


Due to rapid increase in population and case load, the office added BanChao branch in 1981 and ShihLin branch in 1984. The former later became Taiwan BanChao District Prosecutors’ Office in April 1990 and was renamed as the New Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office in Jan. 1, 2013. The latter became Taiwan ShihLin District Prosecutors’ Office in July,1995.

Back to the time the bureau was renamed, the location of the office was at Chomei 3, WenWu Machi of the Japanese occupation period; while nowadays the office is on the second and third floors of the Taipei Judicial Building.


Later on, based on good governance of the government and solid infrastructure, Taipei city was became prosperous and people lived in wealthy lives. In a diversified society, disputes and litigation increased and thus resulted in expansion of prosecution service and insufficient office space. The Ministry of justice then decided to build the New Judicial Building next to the Taipei Judicial Building. The New Judicial Building was completed and started for formal use in 1985. Our office was assigned to use the west wing of the building and moved in since May, 1985.

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