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Introduction to Probation Affairs

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  • Last updated:2024-03-01
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Introduction to Probation Affairs The main affairs of probation office are adult probation based on the Criminal Law and the Rehabilitation Law, community service of deferred prosecution based on the Criminal Procedure Law, and judicial protection affairs. Adult probation affairs are based on interviews and onsite visit. In addition, different levels of supervision and individual or group counselling will be provided case by case. For example, the office may enforce urine collection; provide special counselling for drug addict or HIV positive persons, or group counselling for work. The office also assign specialized probation officer for domestic violence case or sexual assault cases to enhance punishment and avoid repeating crimes. Owing to limited government resources and manpower, our office recruits elite from all sectors, volunteers, and institutions as probation service resource. Our office will provides basic and special training to these people and make them eligible to assist executing probation cases, back to school, back to work, access to hospital, access to nursing homes, and other urgent assistance. Our office also connects with other social resources to introduce or transfer work to help the accused back to society. Criminal enforcement extends its service to pre-trial stage, where prosecutor may decides to give the accused a deferred prosecution. One of the conditions for deferred prosecution is to donate certain amount of money to charity group(s). The probation office is obligated to examine the fund utilization plan proposed by the designated charity group(s), and the necessary amount of money. Another condition for deferred prosecution is to provide social service for certain group(s) or institution(s). The probation office is obliged to develop group list to accept social service, explain rules of service to the accused, assign necessary service person(s), contact the recipient group(s), and evaluate performance of the accused and the recipient group(s). The judicial protection affairs includes juvenile crime prevention summer tour, community camp with school(s), propaganda for anti-drug, anti-bribery election, student intern program for probation work.
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