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Special Treatment of Custody Cases

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Special Treatment of Custody Cases

a Multiple Supervision
1. Basis:
(1)Article 94, Criminal Code; Articles 64, 66, and 74-2, Rehabilitative Disposition Execution Act.
(2)Letter number JR0931001118 of August 5, 2004, Ministry of Justice.
2. Scope of measure implementation:
(1)The scope is based on subparagraphs 1 and 2, paragraph 1, article 15 of the Police Power Exercise Act.  After categorization and evaluation by the probation officer of the district prosecutors office of jurisdiction (prosecutors office hereinafter) on the custody case, if the paroled person under custody is deemed to require enhanced supervision, the prosecutors office will ask the police agency of the district to conduct multiple supervision or use probation volunteers jointly with the friends and family of the person under custody.
(2)Implementation of ‘multiple supervision’ should be combined with ‘intensive probation’.

b Intensive Probation
1.  Basis:
(1)Article 94, Criminal Code; Articles 64, 66, and 74-2, Rehabilitative Disposition Execution Act.
(2)Letter number JR0931001002 of July 14, 2004, Ministry of Justice.
2. Subject:
(1)That who requires multiple supervision.
(2)That paroled people under custody all classified as level 1 by Controlling Guns, Ammunition and Knives Act requires ‘intensive supervision’.
3. Brief description on the measure:
       The person under custody will undergo high density interviews and quick visits by the probation officer to have grasp on the life, work, social conditions of the person under custody.

c Medica referral model for person of addiction and AIDS
1. Basis:Letter number JC0960008550 of March 23, 200796.03.23.
2. The current measures(including complimentary measures):
      (1)Immediate activation of the probation system:people of addiction and AIDS under custody are all ‘indicative case’.  Probation officer on duty makes copy of the basic information after receiving registering to provide to the handling probation officer to activate probation system.
      (2)Double control of medical treatment and probation:
          1. The handling probation officer, after receiving the registration of the person of addiction and AIDS will write up referral slip ordering the said person to go to Kunming Branch of Taipei City Hospitals (Disease Control Hospital) to the alternative treatment clinic (every Monday, Wednesday, Friday) where the doctor evaluates the necessity for implementing alternative treatment and notes the result of the evaluation as recommended treatment strategy for the next clinic visit.  Probation officer, based on the diagnosis and recommendation of the doctor, will prescribe and order the person to follow the ‘items to be followed’.  The cost of participating in the alternative treatment by the person with AIDS will be paid by National Health Insurance.  Complimentary consultation counseling is also subsidized, the person does not have to pay any fee.
          2. Each oral medication or clinic visit by the people of addiction and AIDS under custody must be signed and verified by the medical personnel in the Custody Registration Booklet which is to be shown to the probation officer at the time of registration.
          3. The bottom copy of the referral slip is to be retained by the hospital as part of the medical record on which the section, name, and contact phone number of the handling probation officer are stated for more convenient communication between the hospital and probation officer.
       (3)Intervention by Taipei City Narcotics Prevention and Control Center: Once  people of addiction and AIDS under custody are referred to the Kunming Branch, Taipei City Narcotics Prevention and Control Center takes over management.  In addition to medical treatment, resources of various Taipei City departments are utilized.  As for social subsidy, job introduction, children’s education, consultation and referral are also provided.
       (4)The Garden of Mercy Foundation assists in special consultation, home care guidance, commissioned communication with family members: Every Monday morning the foundation will conduct special consultation in the probation office of the prosecutors office to provide AIDS health education, addiction consultation.  The social workers or CEO of the foundation will undertake home visits accompanied by the probation officer, provide correct knowledge on care to the offender and family members, and effectively pacify family member’s anxiety and doubts.  Also, for confirmed patients of the disease, the foundation may be commissioned to notify the family members to assist in communication and consultation.

Special consultation

d Flowchart of referral of narcotics cases to the Taipei City Narcotics Prevention and Control Center
Flowchart of Transferring Narcotics Cases,Taiwan Taipei District Prosecutors Office

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