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Enhance various convenient services at the Public Service Center

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  • Last updated:2023-11-30
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1. Select appropriate personnel
Select senior personnel of good record with professional legal knowledge and passion for service to answer
questions and assist in various applications.
2. Provide convenient measures
(1)Establish various application work flow charts for the public to know.
(2)Display various application forms, writing samples, and provide free application forms at the Public
Service Center.
(3)Provide tables, chairs and stationery for the public to write the forms.
(4)Provide fax machines and fax service.
(5)Provide public telephone inside the lounge and corridors, and offer newspapers and magazines for the
public to read.
3. Outreach legal knowledge education
(1)Display judicial books, periodicals, promotion items for the public to read.
(2)Broadcast legal knowledge video in the lounge.
(3)Designating prosecutors alternatingly to various agencies, schools, radio stations, TV stations for legal
knowledge advocacy activities.
4. Receive advice and suggestions
(1)Establish public opinion box and survey forms; tabulate and analyze the statistics for review and
improvement, and publish the results publicly.
(2)Establish Chief Prosecutor’s mailbox, one-stop window email to receive advice and suggestions from
the public to facilitate people’s voice to be heard.
(3)Forward the results of various surveys to colleagues for reference and proposals.
(4)Establish whistleblower mailbox, suggestion email address for the public to present opinions.

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