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Background of Chief Prosecutor
  • Publication Data:2006/11/14
Background of Chief Prosecutor

Lin Ling Yu

Education background

▇  Graduated from Taiwan Provincial Pingtung Junior Normal College

▇ Completed studies and certified at Judges and Prosecutors Training Institute of Ministry of Justice; the 18th Class.

Work Experience

Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Taiwan Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office

Prosecutor of Taiwan High Prosecutors Office

Chief Prosecutor of Kinmen District Prosecutors Office, Fuchien

Chief Prosecutor of Pingtung/Tainan District Prosecutors Office, Taiwan   

Director, Department of Prevention, Rehabilitation and Protection, Ministry of Justic

A message from the Chief Prosecutor

The prosecutorial organizations exercising prosecutorial power in the name of the state prosecute criminals and conduct investigations to crack down on crimes and protect the public interest.  Moreover, the prosecutorial organizations exercises judicative power over criminal cases, administers probation and aftercare services, raises legal awareness of people's rights and obligations, offers legal aid and builds capacity to protect victims of crime. The Taipei District Prosecutors Office aims to address these critical issues and establish a new image that conveys justice, efficiency and probity of the prosecution system, so to assure a safe and pleasing environment in which the general public lives. Hence, members of the Office are committed to the following six work goals:

1.To conduct prosecutions for public offences, investigate criminal activities and

   attain justice.

2.To fully implement the government policies so as to sweep away organized crime

   and corruption, and demonstrate our determination to crack down on black-gold


3.To actively detect illegal acts and enhance victim of crime protection.

4.To deepen and broaden the scope of the judicial protective services, and strengthen

   the community-based treatment function.

5.To improve the quality of service, strengthen the commitment to a responsible and

   efficient office, and build a citizen-friendly image.

6.To work in cooperation with the police and investigation units in an effort to

   promote the teamwork spirit.

The Office welcomes suggestions and complaints.



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